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Mini teacup pigs for sale

Our mini teacup pig have made a mess of their much-planned holiday. I needed to rest our garden for a month or so, just to let the earth recover and possibly also sprout some grass shoots. Very kindly, Tom, the smallholder offered to let them stay on his land down the lane. It’s a beautiful spot, flanked by bluebell woods on one side and overlooking a sunny field on the other.

So, on Friday we encouraged Butch and Roxi into the back of Tom’s horsebox, using food as a bribe, and transported them to their holiday hotspot. The whole procedure proved to be totally trouble-free, and the minipigs looked like they would be right at home. Afterwards, Emma drove back to pick up their feed bin, while I headed down to see Tom’s house to take a look at a problem he was having with his laptop (basically making the most of my skill set).

Five minutes later, Emma called to say that Butch and Roxi had escaped. She had been backing the car across the field, and in her rearview mirror, the minipigs had basically jumped the fence into the woods. Tom and I took a few minutes before we left to investigate, mostly because it took that time to convince his wife that we weren’t winding her up. They really had made a break for it – from an enclosure where Tom had happily kept pigs for years without any problems at all.

I had been expecting to find Butch and Roxi close by. In fact, there was no sign of them whatsoever, which is when I began to panic a little bit. Roxi isn’t so mini anymore. She’s a 13 stone, waist-height Hogzilla. In cohorts with Butch, I worried about the damage they could cause as much as the harm that might come to them.

Together with Tom and his family, along with Emma, two of our daughters and some neighbor volunteers, a search party fanned out through the woods. We found no sign of them whatsoever.


I searched with mixed feelings. It was sort of amusing, but also quite scary. On top of the possible destruction Butch and Roxi could cause, could our village become host to the legend of the mystery minipigs? Would I have to place a bounty on their heads in a bid to get them back? As the different scenarios ran through my mind, I had a grim feeling that it wouldn’t end well.

One hour later, over a mile from their holiday home, we spotted Butch, at some distance, in a corpse on the far outskirts of the village. He bolted as soon as I called his name, but thanks to Tom’s son and his awesome tracking skills, we finally caught up with the runaway pair.

Our minipigs were exhausted, disorientated, and totally unwilling to just follow us home. To demonstrate this, Butch decided to wander off, taking Tom to keep an eye on his whereabouts. Roxi, meanwhile, burrowed her snout into lush, ancient woodland, and I began to question what kind of PR disaster lay ahead for me.

So, how do you move a stubborn mini pig? My first thought was to call a vet with a tranquilizer gun – anything to get the situation back under control as fast as possible –  but Emma had more faith than me. Using a board to blindside Roxi’s field of vision, and a stick to tap her hindquarters, she finally got her moving.

Just, ya know, out with the teacup pigs. Nothing to see here.

Despite several random turns left and right, we finally reunited Roxi with Butch, in brambles beside the village playing field. By now, everyone including the minipigs was exhausted. We decided our best move would be to walk them across the fields, and down to Tom’s back garden, which we could access through a rear gate. I don’t know if anyone saw a small band of people walking two minipigs around the local football pitch, but it was a walk of shame I don’t wish to repeat.

Whether Butch and Roxi learned to move with us or had just given up the fight, I’ll never know. Either way, when we finally closed the gate on them our cheer of relief was heartfelt.

Tom sprinted back to his smallholding to collect his jeep and horsebox, leaving Butch and Roxi to set about trashing his garden. We all knew it could’ve ended so much worse, and we’ll sort the damage in due course. Once we’d loaded them back on board, there was only one thing to do. Without discussion, Tom drove us up the hill to our place, where we steered our errant minipigs back into a garden that must’ve had about three hours in total to recover.

They won’t be going on holiday again. Butch and Roxi have totally blown that invitation.

The next day, exhausted from their spree, both teacup pigs flopped out in the sun and relished their return to the place they call home.

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Helpful information for Penny stock trading

Penny Stocks are generally of low value traded commonly out of major exchanges. Such stocks are available on over the counter bulletin board (OTCBB) or on pink sheets. You might be heard of some personal stories who profited by opting penny stock trading strategy. The risks for buying penny stocks are that they are very speculative investments. Some of them are well-organized and have a huge potential for future growth. Any stock traded under $5 is considered as penny stocks as per guidelines of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Shares on the OCTBB have to provide financial reports with SEC on time. This will make a possible financial analysis of listed companies on the board. There are some more factors that can make these small-cap investments a risky option.

Companies trading on the Pink Sheets aren’t required to file financial statements with the SEC. This makes a performing a comprehensive financial analysis difficult or near impossible at times. Many of these companies lack track records of consistently good performance or no past records at all. This can be due to things such as: being newly formed or to poor management that has led so to some serious financial problems.

Companies trading under pink sheets don’t have any requirement of providing financial statements with SEC. This makes financial analysis impossible and hence, these stocks lack mandatory information. Most of these companies do have any track record, so investor cannot judge the previous performance of such companies.

Helpful information for Penny stock trading

Buying cheap stocks from OTCBB or from pink sheet is very risky as compared to other stocks that are listed on major exchanges, because sometimes brokers are showing quotable behavior like initial public offering of penny stock could be performed by a broker who trying to earn most money from interested investor, even though that company is worthless for investing.

Penny stocks often attract new buyers because of their low price value and perception of large growth in short time. However this speculative perception sometimes pays off, these companies go out of business in no time as they don’t have the strong financial condition. Penny stocks share are usually offered by small companies or by new companies.

Penny stock trading is very risky because they have limited liquidity and only a few buyers are available in the market as compared to major stocks. These stocks lack important information for decision making because financial reporting of such companies is not mandatory in pink sheets. Researching of such companies can’t be done without adequate information. The possibility of fraudulent activities is very high in trading penny stocks due to low standards.

Game of penny stocks trading is very interested and very risky as the same time. If you succeed in getting right stock at the right time, you can make huge money out of your investment venture. If you are seriously interested in penny stocks trading, it is advisable for you to do complete research, deal with some trustworthy investor or reliable broker, who can guide you all through the way.

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Penny Stock trading – A golden opportunity

Some people failed to trade in money market because of their limited capital. Penny stocks trading give them golden opportunity to make their money double or even more. Obviously, the risk is involved in such trading, but the risk is involved in every business activity, as per regulation of security exchange commission stocks that traded under five dollars are known as penny stocks.

An investor should invest in top penny stock to balance the risk factor. It is very difficult for any investor to find top penny stocks as the companies that trading such stocks are not enlisted on major share market or stock exchanges; you can’t find proper information of these companies. Now the government is making it compulsory for such companies to submit important information like operating expenses, revenue report to SEC. So that trader can get the information from OTCBB website and make appropriate decisions.read more helpful information on penny stock at http://www.berkeleydaily.org/helpful-information-penny-stock-trading/

Penny Stock trading – A golden opportunity

New investors should be aware of rules and regulation of trading penny stocks. As penny stocks are available at a very low price, some people buy a large number of penny stocks and if the price increases, they sell all their shares same day to make quick money. But now the government is imposing restrictions on making transactions like five trades in a week up to twenty-five thousand is allowed, if any investor disobeys this, his account will be kept on hold for ninety days.

Most people get attracted by penny stocks as they offer the chance of obtaining high profits. But before investing your hard earned money into penny stocks of any company, do all possible research of the particular company. It is recommended to invest in a company which has the potential of big returns and have a stable financial position. Being an investor, one should follow strict guidelines to trade in penny stocks and to get higher returns from the investments.

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Penny stock trading with right strategy

Penny stocks are like any other stocks only difference is that they are not traded on major stock exchanges. Penny stocks are more volatile as compared to other stocks. Penny stocks sometimes can double their price in a day however sometimes it could take months or years. These stocks are highly volatile that you may be losing all your money in a single day. Regular stocks can also go out of business valuing for nothing but they take longer period, investor get a chance to manage his losses and can keep a part of capital.

You have to pay attention on regular move of these stocks; you should play actively and smartly to deal with such stocks. Penny stocks generally don’t give you time to study the fundamental of a company. Frequent changes are possible in the world of penny stocks; you can see sound companies going down and bad companies going up in no time.click here to read more Helpful information for Penny stock trading.

Penny stock trading with right strategy

You can make good money by picking right penny stocks; you may need some help for this. Try to take help form an honest source that can help you in buying stock at starting price. Make a list of penny stocks you are interested to buy, then do due diligence to pick good ones out of this list.

Listing on penny stocks can help you make wise decision in planned way. You can also analyze the performance of penny stocks including in your list so that you can keep a record, it will help you in long term. Learn from your past mistakes, try to analyze your decisions what was wrong, and don’t repeat them.

If the stocks keep increasing their value don’t regret that you sold them earlier, because you might have other good option. The main motive is to buy penny stocks at starting price and sell them before they become over-valued.

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Types of Penny Stock Trading System

There can be different types of trading penny stocks. Some investor uses the financial information of the company. Under this type of system you may have to study all the fundamentals about the company. You also have to see trade cycle of the particular industry in order to judge future potential of the company. Take the entire thing into consideration and after that pick the right stock for you.

Second Trading method would be use technical information to judge the potential of stock. Analyze the trends of particular stock, make a graph to see the repeating patterns and to see when to buy and sell the stock. This type of penny stock trading method doesn’t bother about companys product.

Types of Penny Stock Trading System

You may get confused which methods to choose, as fundamental study of company is as important as analyzing the technical side. If a company has no value in the market their stock doesn’t do well in the future. The technical method analyzes the past trends to indicate the future. This considers the actions of buyers and sellers in the stock market, analyzing the past trends in order to predict the potential future.read best penny stock strategies at http://www.berkeleydaily.org/penny-stock-trading-right-strategy/

So other penny stock trading method use the combination of fundamental and technical research to pick best penny stock, trading penny stock is not much different from trading larger stocks that are listed on major stock exchanges. You can do your own research to better judge the stock. It help you to make decision when is the right time to invest in penny stocks.

It is advisable to follow a trading system before making any decision; technical system helps you to see how stock moves on the other hand fundamental system helps to judge companies financial position. These trading methods help you to make right decisions.

Penny Stocks About Penny Stock Trading

Penny Stocks


The reason for this is because most people do not realize that the OTC Markets (OTCBB and Pinksheets exchanges) list some of the worlds worst companies.

Some of these companies are straight up scams like the ones from the movie Boiler Room which was modeled after the true story of Jordan Belfort who was called The Wolf Of Wall Street.

This guy was involved in trading pump and dumps in the 1990′s and made 0 million dollars in the stock market.
How To Buy Penny Stocks

He later went to jail and lost everything, but the same scamsters and con artists that were involved in the penny stock market during Jordan Belforts reign, are still involved today on a different level.

Never the less it is possible to earn a profit in this market legally today if you know about advanced technical analysis and chart reading and have a technical trading system for timing the market.

You must learn who the key players behind the scenes are and how you can trade on the same side as these people or institutions such as hedge funds, market makers, and stock promoters.

The only way to make money in these stocks, unless you get incredibly lucky just like winning the lottery or winning k on a scratch ticket, is to learn to trade penny stocks.

When I say trading what I mean is buying the type of stocks and then selling them within a few hours or a couple days at most. The reason that this is so important is that the liquidity in the penny stock market is very low in general.make money in penny stocks

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www.berkeleydaily.org » The University Of California – Prestige and Excellence

When I was sifting through bills for cars, the internet, and wireless security systems, I came across a postcard for my old alma mater – The University of California. It had been ages since my time as a student so I decided to fire up the old internet and take a look at the local news surrounding it.

Ever since 1868, the University of California has maintained a reputation for excellence in their campus, their curriculum and the quality of students and graduates they churn out each and every year. One look at the campus and you can instantly tell that this is a serious university where higher learning is the ultimate goal and a secret treasure nestled deep within an immaculate and gorgeous grounds.

If you need more proof of the university’s prowess and excellence than you need only consult the facts. Berkley faculty and alumni have accounted for 70 Nobel prizes and that’s just the icing on the cake. Did you know that J. Robert Oppenheimer, the scientific director of the Manhattan Project that gave the world the first atomic bomb, was a Berkley physicist? And there is so much more to the legacy, but it wouldn’t all fit on one post. You really ought to see it for yourself. It was this site that led to the push for marijuana to be legalized.

www.berkeleydaily.org » Admission Requirements At The University Of Berkeley

If you are thinking about applying to The University of Berkeley than you need to know what they require for admission. First of all, they only take applicants that have the highest ability to graduate. This means you will need to have a high gpa to get accepted into Berkeley. The minimum needed is a bachelors degree, a minimum grade point average of a 3.0, and have to have enough courses in undergraduate training to apply for the graduate work in the field. The department will review your application and will make their decision according to a number of factors that you will need to apply on the application. You will also need to submit letters of recommendations from others to why you would be a great fit for Berkeley. The last few things needed is your test scores, and your work experience. Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork before turning your application in. Keep in mind that you are not guaranteed admission to the school even if you meet all the requirements they have. Just keep your head up and do your best in your undergraduate school to be the one that sticks out to the board and you will have a better chance in getting accepted.

www.berkeleydaily.org » General Scholarships Offered At The University Of Berkeley

University of Berkeley is not a cheap school. However, you will be happy to know that there are a number of scholarships offered by this school. The Berkeley Undergraduate scholarship is awarded to students who have excelled academically and are in great financial need. In order to qualify for this scholarship, you must have a 4.1 GPA when you graduate from high school. If you will be transferring from a community college, then you will need to have a 3.5 GPA. You must also maintain a 3.5 in order to keep this scholarship.

Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship is another scholarship that you may be able to get. It is the most prestigious scholarship offered at Berkeley. Two hundred lucky students receive this scholarship each year. People who are considered for this scholarship will be personally contacted. People will be selected for this scholarship between February and May. If you are a freshman, then you will be able to renew your scholarship for a maximum of eight semesters. Transfer students are able to renew their scholarship for a maximum amount of four semesters.

www.berkeleydaily.org » The Complete History Of The University Of Berkeley

The roots of the University of Berkeley go back to the gold rush in the 19th century when the farsighted statesmen dreamed of the idea of creating an educational institute that would serve more than California’s gold and add to the glory and happiness of the generations to come.
The University of Berkeley was actually a merger of two institutes – the private College of California in Oakland, which offered courses in Latin, English, history, Greek, mathematics and natural history, and the Agricultural, Mining and Mechanical Arts College. The former college had little funding but a desirable piece of land, while the latter was state-funded but did not have a campus by then. Hence the merger served towards both the schools’ advantage.
The university initially had about 10 faculty members and only 40 students in 1869, which reached to about 200 students by 1873. Due to this increase, the then UC President Henry Durant relocated to the new campus in Berkeley right next to the Strawberry Creek.
In the early decades of the 20th century, the University of California spread out to Los Angeles and beyond (with 10 state-wide campuses today). However, the Berkeley campus remains its flagship institution till today.

www.berkeleydaily.org » Online Courses Offered At The University Of Berkeley

If you want to go to college but you already have a busy schedule you may want to look into The University of Berkeley online courses. These courses will be able to fit in your daily life schedule. They offer courses in fields such as accounting, business analysis, and marketing. These programs will be great if you are interested in these fields. They also offer courses in finance, paralegal studies, project management and post-baccalaureate certificate in information systems and management. These are great for a new career goal or programs you need for your current job. They offer online courses in two formats. The self-paced one that allows you to enroll at anytime and allow you to work at your own pace. The next format they offer is a fixed-date one. These are offered each semester and need to be completed on a certain deadline. You will need to chose what format is best for you and for your situation. These courses are provided so everyone can attend college and receive the education that they desire for. You will need to look into each course and see what one best fits your needs or your career goals that you are pursuing.

Buy Penny Stock Online | Where To Buy Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are seen by many investors as a fantastic way to increase your stock selection. But it is hard to find places that allow you to really trade these small stocks. So the question is questioned, everywhere to buy penny stocks? The answer is really quite unadorned. If you are reading this then you have a computer with internet access. The best place is online to buy penny stocks take a lot of research. A lot of online investment companies have the resources to help you with responsibility the toughest, the research. But online is not the only place to buy penny stocks. You could work one on one with a real life broker. This can work well but sometimes like everyone else your broker is just in it for the money when they see you all they see are dollar signs. The best part about investing in penny stocks online is that you get to call all the shots. Some investors are looking to be more specific for example they may be searching for the best marijuana stocks. So what you are looking for will determine what is the best place to look.


When looking for everywhere to buy penny stocks it is vital to do research on different stock brokers. There are a few choices and they all have their pros and cons. Before picking an online stock broker it is vital to know all of their fees. Some online stock brokers will charge you a fee for trading stocks that cost under $1. This is a touch to be aware of and a touch you should not overlook. These fees can add up quickly and a profit can quickly turn into a loss.

Here is a list of some of the online brokers available.

1. Trading direct. Charges $9.95 per trade
2. ETrade. Charges $12.99 per trade but has the best customer service.
3. Scottrade. Charge $7 per trade.
4. Low Trades. Charges $4.95. Very low for an online trade
5. Zecco. Charges FREE with a minimum balance of $2,500. otherwise $4.95
6. Sharebuilder. Charges $9.95 per trade.

These are just a handful of the sites that you can use to trade stocks online. I highly recommend responsibility your own research and finding a stock brokerage that is apt for you and your needs.


Buy Penny Stocks | Earn Every Dollar With Penny Stock | Penny Stocks List

As a starter in the world of investment, penny stock proves to be a good option as it allows the user to buy stocks at a lower price and allows the user to explore the world of markets. A novel investor can invest his money in a stock and even if he looses the money there will not be any substantial loss. An investor should take the advice of a broker, study the stock for himself, analyze and reanalyze before investing in a stock. There are reports of some stock being disorganized to this an extent that they have not even registered with the government. Investors should be aware of this before buying penny stocks. Penny stocks usually have a very high risk involved as there is hardly any liquidity. There are only a few people who own a huge number of shares in penny stock market. When these people sell out shares there is a sudden change in the demand. When few owners sell their stock, other investors queue out to sell their stocks creating a huge demand for selling a particular stock.

Penny stocks do not appear on large-cap markets, so investors should be aware while choosing the stock. Some websites are available which gives false information of penny stocks. However, there are lists of stocks available for investors. Investors can choose from this list and make a decision of investing in a particular stock. Starting with penny stock is easy because of low price, rapid profits, and with the advantage of less loss involved. While choosing a stock research is very important. You should know whether you are investing in a good company or is that company not worth investing on. Source of information is also important. There are websites who give free tips about buying penny stocks. Then you can take advice from brokers but do not entirely rely on them. The most important thing is to trust your own instincts, study the market and the stocks and invest wisely. Next thing is you might choose a reputed company who is about to make a massive success but that is not always permanent. So invest wisely. There are some stocks that do not fulfill minimum standard requirements to stay on the exchange. Minimum standards act as a safety cushion for investors and a benchmark for some companies. And there are many others who are newly formed and lack history. Investors find it difficult to study these stocks. Penny stocks have been a pain in the SEC functioning because of lack of information and illiquidity. This makes it an easy target for people to cheat others.

However, if taken proper precautions and care to buy penny stocks can give you massive profits. If a stock is at 10 cents and rises by five cents, you will have made a 50% return. This, together with the fact that a $1,000 investment can buy 10,000 shares, convinces investors that micro-cap stock is a rapid, sure way to increase profits.

Buy Penny Stocks | Earn Every Dollar With Penny Stock | Penny Stocks List

Receiving daily stock picks may seem like a fantastic way to trade in the market. Sign up for an account that offers stock pick alerts each day and you are on your way to financial success. If this sounds a small too excellent to be right – you are right! If it were that simple, would not you reckon each investor would sign off for daily stock picks and be responsibility the same thing as you?

While there are some added benefits of using daily stock picks to make educated investment decisions, they can also cause more harm than excellent. Here are a few reasons why receiving stock market information each day can become a concern.

  • Day Trading – Long-term investors who use daily stock picks end up becoming day traders. While day trading is a legitimate stock trading strategy, the rules are much different than persons of long-term investing. Do not get the two of them diverse up.
  • Already Learned – If you are looking for an undiscovered security from a list of daily stock picks, reckon again. By the time any picks make their way to your send by e-mail box, it is probably too late to take benefit of any possible trade.
  • No Useful Picks – Services that offer daily stock picks ordinarily run out of excellent picks after a while but feel sloping to still send out information. This leads to mediocre and sometimes questionable picks. The fact is that the stock market cannot be prescribed, so excellent stock picks may not always be available.
  • No Research – Investors who get picks from others tend not to learn the stock trading basics. Instead, they rely on others to drive their investment decisions which are not an excellent thought. An investor should only use a list of picks to help narrow down their stock research, not completely exchange it.
  • Dodge the Hype – Securities that are found on these daily stock pick lists tend to be over-hyped securities. Many times, penny stocks with small trading volume show up on these reports. These penny stocks are some of the riskiest investments that can be made in the market, so be careful if you choose to buy penny stocks online.


Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that daily stock picks can help an investor. The only problem is that the linked costs of signing up for a service may not make up for any linked risks using this list. Completing your own research and due diligence are still the most vital way for an investor to get their information to make educated trading decisions.