Berkeley Daily Planet


A Cost-Effective Business Tool

Advertising in the award-winning Berkeley Daily Planet is a great way to increase your business’ visibility among Berkeley residents! As the only daily newspaper focused exclusively on the city of Berkeley, we reach over 35,000 readers throughout the community six days a week!

So, why should you advertise in the Daily Planet?

Close Customers = Likely Customers. Most businesses’ customers come from within several miles of their store-so why spend a lot of money to reach people 20 miles away? The Daily Planet’s circulation is concentrated in Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville, El Cerrito, Kensington and Oakland, so our advertisers reach readers who are qualified customers.

Did We Say Inexpensive? We didn’t? We are. Our advertising rates are a fraction of other newspapers’ rates (more than 50% lower in most cases), meaning that everyone from small mom & pops to the biggest stores in town can afford a cohesive marketing effort. Plus, we do all graphics work FOR FREE and ensure your satisfaction with your advertisement.

Daily Publication Allows Repetition, Repetition, Repetition. What was that word again? Your customers are busy people, so you must repeat your message often to get through. The Daily Planet’s six-day-a-week publishing schedule allows you maximum flexibility to send your message several times a week, not once a week or once a month. Frequent ads reinforce one another, so your ad dollars work harder.

Customers Come, Customer Go. Did you know Pacific Bell estimates that over 40% of Berkeley residents and businesses turn over every year? That means to keep your sales constant, you must keep the current customers who stay and constantly introduce yourself to new customers. If the phone company loses 3% of its customers a month from moving, how many are you losing? The Daily Planet can help you replace them inexpensively!

Berkeley: Educated, Large and Affluent. Berkeley is a worldly city of 110,000 people (plus 30,000 students) who care tremendously about their community and spend locally! Our widespread, free distribution and strong readership make us the perfect way for businesses to communicate their message to these very-attractive customers.

Let Us Help You!

We’ve already helped hundreds of Berkeley businesses-what can we do for you?

The Berkeley Daily Planet will happily customize an advertising campaign to meet your business’ needs. For more information, please contact us at (510) 841-5600 or