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When I was sifting through bills for cars, the internet, and wireless security systems, I came across a postcard for my old alma mater – The University of California. It had been ages since my time as a student so I decided to fire up the old internet and take a look at the local news surrounding it.

Ever since 1868, the University of California has maintained a reputation for excellence in their campus, their curriculum and the quality of students and graduates they churn out each and every year. One look at the campus and you can instantly tell that this is a serious university where higher learning is the ultimate goal and a secret treasure nestled deep within an immaculate and gorgeous grounds.

If you need more proof of the university’s prowess and excellence than you need only consult the facts. Berkley faculty and alumni have accounted for 70 Nobel prizes and that’s just the icing on the cake. Did you know that J. Robert Oppenheimer, the scientific director of the Manhattan Project that gave the world the first atomic bomb, was a Berkley physicist? And there is so much more to the legacy, but it wouldn’t all fit on one post. You really ought to see it for yourself. It was this site that led to the push for marijuana to be legalized. » Admission Requirements At The University Of Berkeley

If you are thinking about applying to The University of Berkeley than you need to know what they require for admission. First of all, they only take applicants that have the highest ability to graduate. This means you will need to have a high gpa to get accepted into Berkeley. The minimum needed is a bachelors degree, a minimum grade point average of a 3.0, and have to have enough courses in undergraduate training to apply for the graduate work in the field. The department will review your application and will make their decision according to a number of factors that you will need to apply on the application. You will also need to submit letters of recommendations from others to why you would be a great fit for Berkeley. The last few things needed is your test scores, and your work experience. Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork before turning your application in. Keep in mind that you are not guaranteed admission to the school even if you meet all the requirements they have. Just keep your head up and do your best in your undergraduate school to be the one that sticks out to the board and you will have a better chance in getting accepted. » General Scholarships Offered At The University Of Berkeley

University of Berkeley is not a cheap school. However, you will be happy to know that there are a number of scholarships offered by this school. The Berkeley Undergraduate scholarship is awarded to students who have excelled academically and are in great financial need. In order to qualify for this scholarship, you must have a 4.1 GPA when you graduate from high school. If you will be transferring from a community college, then you will need to have a 3.5 GPA. You must also maintain a 3.5 in order to keep this scholarship.

Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship is another scholarship that you may be able to get. It is the most prestigious scholarship offered at Berkeley. Two hundred lucky students receive this scholarship each year. People who are considered for this scholarship will be personally contacted. People will be selected for this scholarship between February and May. If you are a freshman, then you will be able to renew your scholarship for a maximum of eight semesters. Transfer students are able to renew their scholarship for a maximum amount of four semesters. » The Complete History Of The University Of Berkeley

The roots of the University of Berkeley go back to the gold rush in the 19th century when the farsighted statesmen dreamed of the idea of creating an educational institute that would serve more than California’s gold and add to the glory and happiness of the generations to come.
The University of Berkeley was actually a merger of two institutes – the private College of California in Oakland, which offered courses in Latin, English, history, Greek, mathematics and natural history, and the Agricultural, Mining and Mechanical Arts College. The former college had little funding but a desirable piece of land, while the latter was state-funded but did not have a campus by then. Hence the merger served towards both the schools’ advantage.
The university initially had about 10 faculty members and only 40 students in 1869, which reached to about 200 students by 1873. Due to this increase, the then UC President Henry Durant relocated to the new campus in Berkeley right next to the Strawberry Creek.
In the early decades of the 20th century, the University of California spread out to Los Angeles and beyond (with 10 state-wide campuses today). However, the Berkeley campus remains its flagship institution till today. » Online Courses Offered At The University Of Berkeley

If you want to go to college but you already have a busy schedule you may want to look into The University of Berkeley online courses. These courses will be able to fit in your daily life schedule. They offer courses in fields such as accounting, business analysis, and marketing. These programs will be great if you are interested in these fields. They also offer courses in finance, paralegal studies, project management and post-baccalaureate certificate in information systems and management. These are great for a new career goal or programs you need for your current job. They offer online courses in two formats. The self-paced one that allows you to enroll at anytime and allow you to work at your own pace. The next format they offer is a fixed-date one. These are offered each semester and need to be completed on a certain deadline. You will need to chose what format is best for you and for your situation. These courses are provided so everyone can attend college and receive the education that they desire for. You will need to look into each course and see what one best fits your needs or your career goals that you are pursuing.

Teryl Resources Corporation (TSXV: TRC, Pink Sheets: TRYLF)

When Teryl Resources Corporation (TSXV: TRC, Pink Sheets: TRYLF) became interested in the Gold Hill Prospect near Bisbee, AZ, they were following a pretty strong lead – Historic Gold Hill, at a 5491-foot elevation, looks out for miles over the Warren mining district, a famously ore-rich region of the Southwest. Phelps Dodge Corporation’s Lavender Pit mine, only 4 miles to the west of the project, is one of the most productive copper mines in history, producing over 75 million tons of copper ore from 1954-70, and in excess of $1B in copper, gold, and silver.

Preliminary geophysical and geological testing on Teryl’s properties in the region has been promising, and the company has recently signed a contract to begin drilling.

Teryl Resources turned an eye to the Gold Hill prospect in the summer of last year, and a number of indicators immediately urged closer inspection. A report by Frederic Rothermel, PhD, outlined a pattern of mineralization that moved from copper-rich/gold-poorer at the centre of the system to gold richer/copper poorer at the fringes – this pattern is consistent with features of the Carlin Trend in Nevada, which contains over 100 million ounces of gold in proven and probable reserves. This zoning pattern at Gold Hill is unique to the Warren mining district. Geophysical parallels to Lavender Pit are numerous, and further geological testing revealed significant gold values and a copper presence of up to 3% in surface assays.

John Robertson, President of Teryl Resources since 1982 states: “The Gold Hill project is an area which may have the potential to be developed into a large lode-type copper deposit. Our geologist feels that the anomaly is similar to that of the Copper Queen deposit (Lavender Pit). ” With regard to possible quantities on the property, according to Robertson, “The sky’s the limit. ”

The geophysical parallels to nearby producers are strong and compelling, but there are indicators that this is an unusually rich deposit area for the region. “One of the interesting parts of the property,” says Robertson, “is that not only does it have very similar geophysical data (to the Copper Queen), but when the previous work was done on these targets from the Lavender Pit property and the Phelps Dodge properties, they didn’t get any surface assays – they drilled it based on geophysical data. With our particular property we actually got some pretty high-grade values on the surface, which is very unusual for that area. ”

This indicates that the deposit could be even richer than the neighboring targets: “It’s a better target, when you have not only the geophysical targets, but the geochemical targets as well. ”

Developing claims in an historic mining district has obvious infrastructural advantages: “(Gold Hill) is very close to previous producing mines, so there is the infrastructure there. ”

The property at the Gold Hill prospect currently comprises 248 acres, and the company is actively acquiring an additional 640 acres as drilling begins.

“The time to really capitalize on a stock is before the drilling commences,” says Robertson, “Once Teryl starts drilling, then the anticipation of good results will increase the value of the stock. And if the results turn out to be positive, you could see the stock increase several-fold. The key time for investors to buy shares of a resource company is before the drilling program. ”


Teryl Resources is also a main property holder in the Fairbanks Mining Division in Alaska. The company holds interest in a number of properties in the region – the Gil, West Ridge, Fish Creek, and the Stepovich Properties – all of which are near or adjacent to Kinross Gold’s Fort Knox mine, the most prodigious gold-producing mine in Alaska, and the True North deposit, also owned by Kinross Gold.

Teryl has spent 1. 6 million on exploration on the Gil property, and has defined a resource of 400,000 ounces of gold (10 million tons X 0. 04 ounces per ton). The main zone that contains the resource reaches a thickness of 80 ft. , and has been traced along a 2,500 ft. length.

The West Ridge property is 100% owned by Teryl, and anomalies of elevated gold in the soil show a presence of antimony and arsenic that is very similar to Kinross’ neighboring True North Deposit (which has a defined reserve of 616,000 ounces of gold at 0. 046 ounces per ton gold). Thus far, Teryl has spent $350,000 on exploration of the property.

At the Fish Creek property – 50% owned by Teryl and adjacent to the north to the Gil property – an auger drill program has identified elevated gold presence that suggests that the Gil resource extends into the Fish Creek property.

“We also have some drill targets that we’re planning on drilling in that area,” comments John Roberston. Once deposits are defined, the ore will be readily processed at Kinross’ nearby mill.

Other Holdings

Teryl Resources also has joint venture silver properties, and ongoing revenue from oil and gas projects in Texas and Kentucky.

For more info: www. terylresources. Check out our penny stocks page

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