Types Of Courses Offered At The University Of Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley is one of the most prominent universities in the nation. Their admissions for both undergraduate and graduate levels have high standards and only the students with the top scores are admitted. The course work for obtaining just about any degree at Berkeley is heavy, challenging and time consuming. However, those who do graduate from the University of Berkeley are ahead of colleagues for job positions and other opportunities.
For each major chosen at Berkeley, there is are extensive and long course work requirements. Because the majors are so specific, ( for example the degree would not simply by biology but cell and developmental biology), the course work is also very specific to the topic. The freshmen and sophomores take some general introductory courses which are required for everyone enters a general field (such as biology, for example), however the courses quickly become specialized and class sizes shrink.
The course work offered at the University of Berkeley are also accommodated with research opportunities and chances to get to know professors and do work outside of the classroom. The research at Berkeley is one of the most progressive (in all fields but especially in science) of all the universities in the country. Some of the most successful and prominent professors undertake their research and discovery at Berkeley and give both undergraduate and graduate students the chance to get their foot in the door for higher education and experience purposes.
Together with the course work, the research, and (for graduate students) teaching opportunities, Berkeley proves an all around and spectacularly well rounded learning atmosphere and experience. The university also has ties to many schools outside of the country and for those students seeking to take classes or do research abroad, there are a vast array of choices and places they could go.

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