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The University Of California at Berkeley’s (or as most people know it UC Berkeley) population has skyrocketed since the school opened in 1868. The school is consistantley well ranked among all other colleges but to most people that may take a back seat to the beautiful area and loads of atmosphere surounding it. Berkeley has one of the highest number of distinguished graduate programs ranked in the top 10 in there field, but still when most people think about The University Of California at Berkeley the first thing that pops into there head are babes and beaches. Honestly though i dont think that there is anything wrong with people associating the school with the atmosphere more then the education. It just goes to show that the school offers the best of both worlds. Thats the huge reason why the population increase has been so huge. Students know that when going there they are able to get a great education with an institution that looks good on there degree, but they are also able to have all kinds of fun outside of school around the Berkeley campus or just in California in general. In the end being able to offer both an education and fun is what keeps Berkeley growing year after year.