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If you want to go to college but you already have a busy schedule you may want to look into The University of Berkeley online courses. These courses will be able to fit in your daily life schedule. They offer courses in fields such as accounting, business analysis, and marketing. These programs will be great if you are interested in these fields. They also offer courses in finance, paralegal studies, project management and post-baccalaureate certificate in information systems and management. These are great for a new career goal or programs you need for your current job. They offer online courses in two formats. The self-paced one that allows you to enroll at anytime and allow you to work at your own pace. The next format they offer is a fixed-date one. These are offered each semester and need to be completed on a certain deadline. You will need to chose what format is best for you and for your situation. These courses are provided so everyone can attend college and receive the education that they desire for. You will need to look into each course and see what one best fits your needs or your career goals that you are pursuing.