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When I was sifting through bills for cars, the internet, and wireless security systems, I came across a postcard for my old alma mater – The University of California. It had been ages since my time as a student so I decided to fire up the old internet and take a look at the local news surrounding it.

Ever since 1868, the University of California has maintained a reputation for excellence in their campus, their curriculum and the quality of students and graduates they churn out each and every year. One look at the campus and you can instantly tell that this is a serious university where higher learning is the ultimate goal and a secret treasure nestled deep within an immaculate and gorgeous grounds.

If you need more proof of the university’s prowess and excellence than you need only consult the facts. Berkley faculty and alumni have accounted for 70 Nobel prizes and that’s just the icing on the cake. Did you know that J. Robert Oppenheimer, the scientific director of the Manhattan Project that gave the world the first atomic bomb, was a Berkley physicist? And there is so much more to the legacy, but it wouldn’t all fit on one post. You really ought to see it for yourself. It was this site that led to the push for marijuana to be legalized.